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Tailors Awl – Sharp Smooth Point – Soft Grip




The Tailors Awl with its Sharp Smooth Point and Soft Grip is a versatile and essential tool for sewing and fabric crafts. This Tailors awl features a sharp and smooth point, allowing for effortless piercing and manipulation of fabric. The soft grip handle provides comfort and control during use, reducing hand fatigue. Its ergonomic design ensures a secure and precise grip, enhancing accuracy in your sewing projects. This awl is perfect for various tasks such as creating holes for buttons, snaps, and eyelets, marking fabric, and guiding thread through tightly woven materials. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable tool in your sewing arsenal. With the Tailor’s Awl, you can easily achieve professional results and add fine details to your sewing and fabric crafts.


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