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Bias Maker – Fusable_Non Fusible – 18mm




The Bias Maker is a versatile tool for creating bias tape in both fusible and non-fusible varieties. With a width of 18mm. The Bias Maker allows you to make narrow and precise bias strips with ease. It is ideal for adding decorative trims, binding edges, and creating intricate designs in sewing and quilting projects. The tool consists of a metal or plastic device with a funnel-like shape and a slot for inserting fabric strips. By pulling the fabric through the slot while pressing and ironing. You can quickly and effortlessly fold and shape the fabric into bias tape. Whether you choose fusible or non-fusible options, it enables you to create bias tape that is perfectly tailored to your project’s needs. It saves time and ensures consistent results Giving your creations a professional and polished finish.


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